nExergy Solutions

Nexergy is a technology provider for energy efficiency solutions for buildings. We source the best available and innovative building technologies globally that utilize open-source IoT protocols and cloud computing capabilities to offer energy efficiency solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing building infrastructure. Our signature product is ClimaCheck, an award-winning and globally deployed technology to perform thermodynamics based performance analytics on any air-conditioning and refrigeration system. It identifies faults, improves energy efficiency, reduces failures and reactive maintenance required to increase optimal performance for building cooling and climate control systems. Through our Regional Partnership Network we offer complete support and services to identify energy efficiency opportunities, perform corrective actions and implement a predictive maintenance solution for building equipment. We are currently evaluating other technologies and aim to bring down to ASEAN what is not available that will fill in a gap in the local market. We will only work with technologies that are above TRL >6 to offer well deployed, tested and improved solutions to the local market to offer customers the highest possible assurance and confidence.

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Founding Year : 2018

Founder : Lekha

Sector : IOT, Big Data and AI, Green Buildings & Energy Efficiency, Carbon Reduction

Area : Energy Efficiency

Stage : Seed

TRL : Commercial Ready

Employee Size : 1 - 10

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