Rovilus develops sustainable batteries for all vehicular and energy storage
system applications, through a circular economy. Our mission is to accelerate
the adoption of clean energy by combining hardware and AI to supply
sustainable batteries through a novel Battery-as-a-Service model.

Our high voltage battery modules are modular, stackable, and can fit into
vehicles as small as a motorcycle to as large as a containerized energy storage
system. Each battery module is integrated with our proprietary thermal
management system which provides high-power usage, fire-suppressing effect
and effectively increases lifetime by up to 3x.

Our proprietary AI system monitors the state of health of each battery, and
determine when to retire them for that particular application. For example, we
will track the state of health of the batteries that are used in trucks, and take
them back to our service centre when there’s a visible decline in its
performance. Based on the residual lifetime and performance of the battery, our
AI system will find a suitable match in a lower-power application for the batteries
to be used safely. For e.g., the retired truck batteries may be used to power
scooters, which could enjoy optimal performance given that it has less power

Our target customers are non-passenger vehicle applications (i.e., off-road,
construction, marine vessels) and energy storage system providers.

Contact Info

Founding Year : 2018

Founder : Katherine Kan, Gigi Huang, YC Chang

Sector : E-Mobility, Carbon Reduction, Circular Economy, Smart Cities, Green Buildings & Energy Efficiency

Area : Energy Efficiency

Stage : Seed

TRL : 8

Employee Size : 1-10

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