What is is a software engineering provider specializing in innovative solutions using decentralized technologies.

What is a key expertise?

The key expertise of is building solutions for Industry 4.0 issues: Blockchain, Future of Energy, Digital Identity, Decentralized Asset Management, Financial Products and Services.

How we work?

In our work, we combine set of best practices and approaches for software solutions engineering and R&D. They include iterative delivery model, quality assurance, team management, and project governance. The application of these practices ensures smooth project progress, transparency, and high quality of the deliverables.

What is R&D ground theory?

Our R&D based on Ronald Coase's economic theory and Institutional school of economics. According to this theory blockchain system is an abstract machine and digital platform for eliminating transaction costs in value (e.g. energy) transition.

Does has its own products? builds platform Electrodo.

Electrodo is an ecosystem for transactive energy management. Using blockchain technology Electrodo solves engineering, economic, environmental and societal energy transition challenges for smart grids, off-grid and urban microgrids energy assets management with zero transaction costs.

The Electrodo builds on the Hyperledger Fabric distributed ledger framework that is fully compatible with the requirements (scaling, security etc.) for the corporate and public critical infrastructure. Blockchain allows to build a seamless and borderless environment for the electricity transition between all participants eliminating transaction costs.

Contact Info

Founding Year : 2013

Founder : Roman Kravchenko, Ivan Balashov, Oleksandr Kryvoruchko

Sector : DLT, Blockchain, Smart Cities, IOT, Big Data and AI, Digital Grids, Green Buildings & Energy Efficiency, RE Integration

Area : Energy Efficiency

Stage : NA

TRL : 4

Employee Size : 25-50

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