Development of power convertor and intelligent energy management system for vanadium redox flow battery

V-Flow Tech (VFT) is reinventing vanadium redox flow technology, with a vision to develop the cheapest and most scalable vanadium redox flow batteries in the world. VFT storage solution has an expected life span of 25 years and is proven to be one of the safest and most environmentally friendly battery technologies. VFT’s founders have deep experience in the renewable space, and vanadium redox flow technology in particular. The Ecolabs Centre of Innovation for Energy is established (jointly by NTU, Enterprise Singapore, and SEAS) to build and accelerate deep-tech energy innovation capabilities in Singapore and support the nation’s future energy transition. EcoLabs works with Singapore based energy Start-ups and SMEs by providing them with essential translation facilities and connections, such as research & development manpower, lab infrastructure, testbed sites and business opportunities to help them successfully commercialise and scale their innovation efforts. EcoLabs Centre of Innovation is deploying systems to demonstrate low carbon living at multiple sites and as part of the deployment, VflowTech and EcoLabs are engaging in a project agreement to deploy high energy and safe battery technology for stationary energy storage applications.