The Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator – Singapore (REIDS) is a Singapore-based R3D (Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment) platform dedicated to designing, demonstrating and testing solutions for sustainable and affordable energy access-for-all in Southeast Asia as well as the future of urban electricity distribution.

REIDS is the largest hybrid microgrid test and research platform in the tropics. REIDS is supported by (EDB) and (NEA). REIDS and its partners are testing and demonstrating the integration of solar, wind, tidal, diesel, storage as well as waste-to-energy and power-to-gas technologies & end-use technologies and solutions suitable for deployment in Southeast Asia. ERI@N(REIDS) team promotes research/ tech capabilities in flexible reconfiguration capabilities of grids, the LVMGC platform developed enables comprehensive multi-microgrid test scenarios, dynamic system optimization, energy exchange and interoperability, which are instrumental to explore pre-competitive R&D opportunities in energy sector for future micro grids.

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