One-stop proof-of-concept lab for start-ups, SMEs & innovators to demonstrate off-grid technologies through plug-n-play solutions.

Iteration 1 in Singapore, the first realised blueprint of the Next Generation Civilisations Kit is designed as a Plug and Play unit to express the autonomy with the core concept in designing a standardised base functional unit with multifunctionality. The kit will function as a testbed to demonstrate, evaluate and monitor off-grid technologies in the domain of clean technology (energy, water, waste and sustainable living). The performance of the solutions will be monitor & analyze user behavior through an Integrated Digital Platform in order to nudge an individual to reduce carbon footprint by 20%.

Open call to for Test bedding Opportunities:

  • Technology Partner : To test Scalable solutions(TRL 6 & above) which are capable of demonstrating solutions in the domain of  energy, water, Food, Shelter

Corporate Partner : To collaborate, co-develop and boost the project resources and knowledge.

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