Smart energy monitoring on various loads across Digital Twin Accelerator Lab via IoT system & Application development on Facility Management for Start-ups & SME’s

Allocate Space aims to solve one of the biggest in-efficiency problem i.e., under-utilization of the assets in buildings at present.  Allocate space vision is to utilize technology in all spaces, thus empowering real estate owners with the ability to analyze, learn, share, and ultimately leverage on insights to maximize the usage of their space. Its solution converts conventional building infrastructure into a real-time monitored, digitally controllable and responsive infrastructure. The technology enhanced building infrastructure can then be visualized as a digital twin, which provides facility managers with a better user experience and operational efficiency with space automation.

EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for energy is deploying IoT based systems to demonstrate the carbon footprint of the entire lab & as a part of the deployment, Allocate Space and EcoLabs are engaging in a research collaboration agreement to employ IoT technology with focus on smart energy monitoring & management system, cooling solution algorithm development, facility monitoring and management, energy dashboard design for showcasing in different zones of the lab.