“A one stop plug and play Co- Innovation testbed for SME’s and Startups.”
Digital Twin Co-innovation lab as a testbed site for deployment of innovative energy efficient solutions

Singapore has set its target to achieve net zero by 2050, in accordance with the 2015 Paris Agreement. One of the key focus of decarbonization strategy in Singapore is on energy efficiency. SME/Startups in Singapore, based on Energy-efficient technology often act in siloes due to lack of real time test-bedding and collaboration opportunities, resulting in lower potential to achieve better energy efficiency and energy savings. The need of the hour is to create an ecosystem and test-bedding site for companies to trial test their energy efficient solutions.

EcoLabs Digital Twin Co-Innovation Space will be the first of its kind in Singapore, an all-in-one consortium model for Energy Efficiency exclusively on SME/Startup technology. This will initially house SME/Startups under EcoLabs ecosystem, with focuses on energy efficiency and decarbonization. The Co-innovation currently focuses on the following EE aspect of commercial buildings:

–              Energy and plug load monitoring (For advance energy profiling)

–              Carbon mapping (carbon footprint tracking and offset)

–              Product benchmarking (EE appliances could be benchmarked in real use context)

–              Load disaggregation– Non-intrusive load monitoring

–              Novel cooling solutions with higher EE – Cooling as a service

–              Energy Test Data Repository

–              Advance Microgrid solution with integrated batteries

Presently, more than 6 local based startups/SMEs have deployed their solutions at the space, in the above areas. In the near future, it is expected that solutions from more than 15 companies could be deploying at this space. With EcoLabs Co-Innovation Space, EcoLabs COI will support essential translation facilities and connections for research & development, lab infrastructure, testbed sites and business opportunities. This in turn will help these companies to successfully scale their innovation and commercialize their efforts and rise to new heights of greater reputation.

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