Project Shea is a joint initiative by EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy and Mistletoe Inc. to bring about a systemic change in the design of cities with the concept of sharing and conscious living to sustain. One-stop proof-of-concept lab for start-ups, SMEs & innovators to demonstrate off-grid technologies through  plug-n-play solutions.

EcoLabs Centre of Innovation of Energy partners with Mistletoe Inc to bring changes in the design of the cities of tomorrow

EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy and Mistletoe Inc are collaborating to bring changes in the design of the cities of tomorrow. Focusing on the concepts of sharing and resource efficiency, Project Shea’s Next Generation Civilization Kit aims to prototype modular, innovative, and self-sustaining solutions in the domains of clean energy and innovative water system and building technologies. The Kit will comprise of comprehensive and ground-breaking solutions from over 10 upcoming start-ups and SMEs to pilot their solutions and develop new marketing channels.

Project Shea envisions a sustainable, human-centric future community, which is enabled by innovation. The project aims to follow an iterative design process to realise its vision. From designing to deploying the prototype, the team will be adopting a co-creative approach. By engaging professionals, students and like-minded individuals, the prototype will serve as a platform to engage people in adopting a sustainable mindset and lifestyle. In partnership with multiple youth organisations and Academies, the Shea team has been actively engaging and empowering like-minded youth across Singapore and the region, through regular engagement events, competitions, workshops, and module integrations to solve teething sustainability challenges. Three prototyping labs for co-innovation in Singapore, India and Philippines will function as a One-stop proof-of-concept lab for start-ups, SMEs & innovators to demonstrate their off-grid technologies in the domains of energy, water, waste and building technologies.

In Singapore, Iteration 1, the first realised blueprint of the Next Generation Civilisations Kit is designed as a Plug and Play unit to express the autonomy with the core concept in designing a standardised base functional unit with multifunctionality. The kit will function as a Nexus between sustainability, digitalization and decarbonization, driven by Data and supported by technology. A proposed experimental post Occupancy trial is a critical phase of the project to monitor & analyze user behavior through an Integrated Digital Platform in order to nudge an individual to reduce carbon footprint by 20%.

The application of Project Shea Labs is critical in providing solutions for marginalized housing, disaster relief and community infrastructure. There have been ongoing activities and efforts within Project Shea to continue engaging student communities through Project Based learning, as well as actively involving local start-ups & SMEs in the domain of building technologies, clean energy and water system.

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Commission on Higher Education, Philippines: The pilot project based learning initiative, in which students from multiple disciplines are solving community challenges. The students are sourcing local solution and designing prototypes of self-sustaining kits to address global challenges with local solutions and applicability.

Partners : Aklan State University, Iloilo Science and Technology University and southern leyte state university 

  • Doonya Living Challenge, India : The ground up initiative by Cha Project focuses on empowering a marginalised individual to build a Resilient Flatpack Modular kit, which is customisable and easy to assemble, hence showcasing locally driven design and innovation.

Partners: The Cha Project, SUTD (Dept of Architecture and Sustainable Design), POD Structures

 Partnership Opportunities

  • Technology Partner : To test Scalable solutions(TRL 6 & above) which are capable of demonstrating solutions in the domain of energy, water, Food, Shelter
  • Corporate Partner : To collaborate, co-develop and boost the project resources and knowledge.
  • Investment Partner : To support grass root projects and empower youth and startups
  • Education Partner : To participate in project based learning modules & share the knowledge and best practices with all
  • Outreach Partner : To spread the vision of Project Shea and inspire like-minded individuals