Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) with Maxbyte Technologies Pte. Ltd

Apr 13th - Apr 13th, 2021

EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy has collaborated with Maxbyte
Technologies Pte. Ltd
on the research and development of a digital platform for
retail air-conditioning energy savings and enabling Cooling as a Service as a
business model.
The collaboration will focus on the design of energy-efficient homes, encourage an
uptake of energy-efficient appliances and promote energy-saving habits.

About Maxbyte Technologies Pte. Ltd
Maxbyte Technologies is a smart manufacturing solutions provider with Products and
Services enable digital engineering, operations and services to improve productivity,
improve quality, reduce cost and help towards eco-friendly environment. Maxbyte
Products and Services provide an end to end digital technology solutions from
sensors, communication gateways, cloud, SaaS applications and analytics to help
companies undergo their digital transformation journey smooth and successful.