Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) with Allocate Space Pte. Ltd

Apr 13th - Apr 13th, 2021

EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy has collaborated with Allocate Space
Pte. Ltd to work on developing a smart energy system that is capable of monitoring
various loads across the Digital Twin Accelerator Lab via an IoT system.
The smart energy system will come with the following scopes:
1. IoT Energy Management
2. Zonal Distribution Panel Energy Monitoring
3. Facility Monitoring and Management
4. Cooling Solution Algorithm
The collaboration will also see the application development on facility management
for Start-ups and SMEs.
About Allocate Space Pte. Ltd
Allocate Space is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for
real estate and facilities that enables real estate operators to track the usage of
assets and facilities, and ensures that maintenance work is done correctly.