Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) with G-Energy

Oct 26th - 26th, 2020

Singapore, determined to achieve its pledge under the Paris Agreement, is working towards reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by using less carbon-intensive fuels and by improving energy efficiency. The government is keen to implement measures to improve energy efficiency and to reduce the energy use in households amongst other sectors.

Air Conditioning (AC) Unit Systems are commonly used in households for cooling in tropical Singapore. A 2017 survey by the National Environment Agency (NEA) showed that air conditioning accounts for 24 per cent of the consumption of a typical home.Taking into account that 79.7 per cent of households in Singapore own an air conditioning system, it is seen that this sector plays an important role in mitigating climate change through energy efficiency.

EcoLabs and G-Energy have embarked on a research collaboration to develop and pilot a digital platform to design energy-efficient homes and to promote the uptake of energy- efficient AC appliances and energy-saving habits. The platform will utilise IoT and smart metering to monitor and measure data to optimise the performance of AC units. 

About G-Energy

G-Energy Global Private Limited (GEG), founded in 2005 with headquarter in Singapore, is an International Award-winning Energy Services Company (ESCO) that is accredited by the ESCO Accreditation Committee comprises of various Singapore Statutory & Institutes with 4 Qualified Energy Services Specialists (QuESS). We have also been recognized as an ESCO with the largest pool of professional team of Energy Specialists and Qualified Green Mark Consultants in the Asia Pacific Region.

G-Energy Global offers a wide array of integrated energy services. As energy consultancy professionals, we take pride in our expertise and integrity to ensure that sustainable solutions proposed are feasible and truly suitable to buildings’ needs.