Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) with iMax SG & Pylon City

Oct 26th - 26th, 2020

Project Shea, one of EcoLabs’ flagship programmes will be working with iMax SG and Pylon City respectively on the Next Generation Civilisation Kit. 

The partnership with iMax SG will focus on executing the Shelter solution in Project Shea’s first iteration of the Next-Generation Civilisation Kit. The prototype will demonstrate the smallest living unit with the ability to expand into a modular community with the use of sustainable materials where individuals can live, work, play and exchange ideas. The Shelter solution will integrate with innovative off-grid technologies in the domain of energy, water, cooling, and waste through experimental plug-n-play solutions.

The partnership with Pylon City will involve measuring, visualising, and optimising the resource consumption patterns, comfort and liveability of occupants in the Next-Generation Civilisation Kit. The data collected will be used to gamify consumption patterns through a digital twin to understand its impact on user behaviour. The collaboration will focus on the smart energy management system for modular homes to identify optimal energy-efficient gaming scenarios in real-life situations to achieve an overall reduction in energy consumption.

About iMax SG

iMax SG is an innovative builder dedicated to creating innovative homes & buildings.

About Pylon City

Pylon City is an Internet of Energy (IoE) startup that aspires to make cities greener, smarter and more energy-efficient. The Pylon Cloud Platform brings together energy producers, purchasers, retailers and consumers in a decentralised secured network.