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Sep 30th - 30th, 2020 is a software engineering provider specialising in innovative solutions using decentralised technologies. The key  competency of is creating solutions for "Industry 4.0" issues: Blockchain, Future of Energy, Digital Identity, centralised Asset Management, Financial Products, and Services. is in close cooperation and synergy with EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy in implementing innovative engineering and research projects related to solutions for the digital infrastructure of the Internet of Energy, Transactive Energy, and Industry 4.0 in general.

Over and above engineering projects, is focusing on the development of its major product Electrodo - an ecosystem for transactive energy asset management. Using decentralised and blockchain technologies, Electrodo solves engineering, economic, environmental, and societal energy transition challenges for smart grids, off-grid, and urban microgrids energy asset management with zero transaction costs. It is a modular platform that builds on the IBM Hyperledger Fabric distributed ledger framework to create an economic and financial layer in Transactive Energy, Renewable energy, and EV-mobility digital infrastructure. It is fully compatible with the requirements (scaling, security) for the corporate and public critical infrastructure. Blockchain allows the creation of a seamless digital environment for the electricity transition between all participants eliminating transaction costs.

Electrodo makes Industry 4.0 possible by re-thinking energy. Learn more.

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