Project Shea Virtual Event: Art X Science Project

Jul 24th - 24th, 2020

The Project Shea Virtual Event: Art X Science Project took place on 17 July 2020, 5pm – 7pm, with the aim to explore the dynamic relationship between humans and the environment through community-inspired music and art pieces. Participants also had the opportunity to get their thinking gears in motion with a panel discussion. The event concluded with the launch of Iteration 1.

The event kicked off with an overview of the project by the Shea team. Currently, cities are facing the problem of unequal distribution of basic resources like clean air, water and shelter, which are basic needs of humans. This is where Project Shea comes in – it envisions
designing sustainable cities with the focus on people and the planet through creating the Next-Generation Civilisation Kit. By adopting a co-creation process that involves professionals, start-ups and academia and combining the untapped potential of academia and young students with start-up technology solutions, Project Shea aims to imbibe the larger vision of Mistletoe to democratise design and create a playground for the youth. Project Shea hypothesises that resource optimisation can lead to reduced carbon footprint and reduced consumption of water and energy.

The highlight of the event – the screening of Symphony of Life followed. Created by Singaporean Art Director/Composer Tze Toh and Spanish artist Alba Escayo in a unique fusion of art, science and music, it tells the story of our planet that spans across 300,000 years.

After the video screening, it was time for the Panel Discussion. The Panel featured 4 distinguished panellists:

  • Mr Atsushi Taira, Managing Director of Mistletoe
  • Mr David Galipeau, Managing and Founding Partner SDGx
  • Mr Mahesh Kumar, Program Director EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy
  • Mr Tze Toh, Composer/Pianist at TO ensemble.

The discussion questions were derived from surveys that were conducted to understand how youths perceive sustainable cities and their dreams of future cities. Here are some of the questions that were discussed:

1. Is 100% self-sufficiency a dream for future city designs and how does it impact climate change?
2. How can the intangibles like kindness, empathy, care and nurturing be included in city design?
3. What if future city design can be totally inclusive and how can we encourage people to make sustainable choices?

The key takeaways from the respective discussions are as follows:

1. There could be a shift from globalisation to ruralisation, with people preferring to live in villages with home-based learning and work
2. Future cities could be equally climate-resilient, environmentally inclusive, people-centric and designed for humanity with empathy and care.
3. Identity crisis can be overcome by tapping the wisdom of crowds and collaborative partnerships.
4. The current city format is failing so there is a need for designs that consider the basic human needs and standards while focusing on the planet and redefining profit.

After getting their thinking gears in motion for the panel discussion, participants were able to enjoy a showcase of work from the visionaries of the Shea Community who have actively contributed ideas, concepts and prototype solutions to the Project, as well as updates from youth partners at YSI who curated monthly events.

This aligns with Mistletoe’s vision of empowering youth and nurturing community-centric individuals of tomorrow. The event concluded with the launch of Iteration 1, an extension of the Next Generation Civilisation Kit that envisions Democracy,  Individuality,  Flexibility and Modularity. Over 200 participants from more than 15 countries have participated in ideating the Iteration 1 prototype, and more than 5 solutions have been received from Singapore-based start-ups. The final Next Generation Civilisation Kit will be deployed in Jurong Innovation District (JID) in 90 days, so stay tuned!