Market expansion program for Canadian innovators in Energy Storage, Hydrogen Technologies as well as Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

The High Commission of Canada to Singapore (HCCS), through its Trade Commissioner Service under the Clean Technology Sector and Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) at Global Affairs Canada (GAC), connects Canadian Clean Technology companies to investment and business development opportunities in Singapore in line with the local economy demands and priorities.

In order to facilitate the achievement of Singapore Green Plan 2030 targets, HCCS partnered with EcoLabs to identify relevant Canadian start-ups and SMEs and facilitate their market expansion to Singapore in the strategic areas targeting Decarbonisation of the Energy Sector, which includes but not limited to Energy Storage (with applications on both the Power & Transportation side), Hydrogen Technologies as well as Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage.

EcoLabs is supporting HCCS innovators with understanding of the Singapore market needs and technology gaps through market knowledge sharing and introductions to local industry partners that are looking for such decarbonisation solutions to achieve their sustainability targets and to contribute to Singapore Green Plan 2030.

In the previous years, EcoLabs facilitated Singapore market introduction for 12 Canadian innovators in the areas of Energy Efficiency and Circular Economy and also facilitated soft-landing in Singapore of an innovative SME providing high-fidelity fiber optic sensor for linear assets that can be used for smart city applications such as MRT railway lines monitoring to ensure reliable and safe operations, autonomous vehicles tracking on the roads and hydrogen pipelines and high voltage cables monitoring to ensure security of critical energy infrastructure.