• They are an early stage venture capital platform/firm that focuses on investing in innovative tech startups. Their incubation model is driven on
  • Early Stage Acceleration,
  • Go-To-Market Acceleration,
  • Problem Statement Corporate-Driven.
  • They are looking for Partnerships with Corporates, Finding Mentors, Partnerships with Incubators/Accelerators, Finding Investors, Partnerships with Startups.
  • IncuVest possesses substantial track record in building up strong startups.
What do they do
  • They focus on deep tech startups in IOT, advanced manufacturing, materials, AR/VR, blockchain, AI, and med tech.
  • They partner with corporates, consulting firms, accelerators, R & D entities, and investment firms, globally.
  • They position Singapore as a hub and testbed for funding, pilot, and help our startups scale throughout Asia and beyond.

Financial Investment and Funding

  • IncuVest has made ten investments. Their most recent investment was on Oct 6, 2017, when they invested in Fundnel.
  • IncuVest has raised a total of $30M in a single venture fund, IncuVest Deep Tech Fund II. This fund was announced on Sep 1, 2018 and raised a total of $30M.