ARC Capital

ARC Capital


  • ARC Capital is an international mid-market investment bank with presence in China, Singapore, Mexico, Peru, India, Indonesia, and the United States. The financial team specializes in M&A, fundraising, public market listings such as IPOs and SPACs, joint ventures, and advisory and wealth management services.
  • ARC Capital’s team brings decades of specialized industry expertise to ensure its clients receive the benefits of a team of leading experts (financiers, attorneys, CPAs, and technical and insurance professionals amongst others) to achieve their goals.
  • ARC Capital has a specialized division that focuses on Energy & Infrastructure for South and Southeast Asian markets.
What do they do?

ARC Capital focuses on implementing best practices in capital management through its services and programs. Its global M&A and capital/fundraising team, composed of multidisciplinary professionals with decades of experience, always strive for value-creating transactions through rigorous due diligence and advisory, allowing its clients to experience exponential growth. Similarly, its global public markets team specializes in IPOs (for companies) and SPACs (for investment funds).

Alongside its flagship services, it also provides wealth management advisory to establish trusts or similar vehicles for financial security; financial advisory to address due diligence and investment evaluation challenges; and off-shore services to protect client assets and allow investors to access overseas investment opportunities.

ARC Capital also provides a select program for early stage entrepreneurs in specialized sectors and helps them get professional advisory services.

Financial Investment and Funding

ARC Capital provides access to global investment opportunities typically reserved for institutional investors.

ARC Capital prides itself in delivering the highest quality services to its clients, whether it is an IPO, market-cap management program or raising company awareness through its vast network of media outlets, institutional investors, high net-worth individuals and global financial institutions. It partners with the best securities lawyers, transfer agents, audit firms and funding sources specialized in emerging growth companies to make the process seamless and painless.