Flagship Programme



Tags: smart city, modular, resource efficient, sustainable design, digital twin, microgrid, portable buildings, point of use water systems.

  • Join Us : Dec 2019
  • Start-up City : Apr 2020
  • Duration : 12 months
Buliding a Start-up City

Aligned with the Audacity movement supported by Mistletoe, our goal is to simulate and build a modular start-up city with start-up technologies and explore the potential to expand into a modular start-up community with sustainable materials where individuals can live, work, play and exchange ideas. The city will be a showcase of the potential of decentralised communities using off-grid technologies, sustainable materials, and exploring the concept of self-sustaining community through experimenting with the plug-n-play solutions.

Expected Outcome of Project
  • Build: Sustainable Start-up City

  • Target: Aim for less energy, water material, food and land footprint as compared to modern megacity.

  • Impact: A Living City
Climate Resilient Future City Design

Building resilience will be essential urban policy and a smart investment for cities. We will hypothecate multiple possible city designs scenarios with mock-ups and simulate with science based targets

Resource Efficient City

Green infrastructures are important foundation assets that provide sustainable solutions at a lower cost than traditional infrastructure approaches. We want to change how cities are designed, simply said: start fresh, live in a modular city, and organically evolve community interactions in a sustainable way.

Responsible CityZens

We aim for a sustainable, safer and more responsible world. To deliver on this vision, will invite city stakeholders with strong values for sustainability in everyday actions and actors who place: Planet and People above Profits. We aim to build a conscious map of the start-up city community members through advanced AI and NPL based value mapping and evolve as the community grows.

Self Sustainable Buildings
Micro Grid
Circular Water Systems for Community
  • TRL 6 & above
  • Should be scalable solution capable of demonstrating testing in real-life city design context
  • Who: Start-ups, Researchers, Innovators, Designers, Companies, Industries and others can join
  • 3 months city design program in Singapore | 1 Month Induction to Singapore Start-up Ecosystem
  • Co-development space @CT1
  • Access to community of entrepreneurs, innovators, architects, designers, scientist, industry experts, policy maker & sustainability champions
  • Call for project collaborations
  • Direct project funding support from EcoLabs
  • EcoLabs COI in-kind funding support (Co-development labs, city testbeds and manpower)
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