Join us as we launch not one, but TWO exciting new innovation labs!
The EcoLabs Co Innovation Labs Launch event is happening on 15 March 2022, introducing two new and distinct spaces that will help startups and SMEs in the green industry accelerate and test their products and services.


The EcoLabs Digital Twin Co-Innovation Lab is a holistic platform that aims to foster a community of green startups, aiding them to develop their industry-disrupting businesses focusing on the four D’s (Decrease consumption, Digitise, Decentralise, and Decarbonise). The Lab features a suite of digital twin technologies that startups can leverage, including carbon mapping, data monitoring, stress testing, and product benchmarking, to facilitate the planning, design, and operation of energy-efficient and sustainable technologies.

The NTU – Arrow Invent Labs brings together the expertise of the technology giant and one of the world’s top young research universities. The main highlight of the lab is the Semi-Autonomous Motorcar(SAM) racing simulator, which enables drivers with physical disabilities to drive using a smart, connected vehicle that can be operated safely and independently using head controls and voice commands. The lab also features state-of-the-art lab equipment that startups can use to test and measure their products, with free consultation on product testing and development by Arrow‘s seasoned engineers on-site.


Panel discussions and fire-side chats with external experts from IBM, Emerson, Project SHEA, and many more!

Exciting innovation showcase of unique products, services, testbeds, and programmes from our wide ecosystem of partners across future energy systems, sustainable mobility, and cities

Startup pitching session bringing together the best of our startups to dress and impress investors and venture capital partners for their dollars!

View the full program agenda and check out the exciting lineup of events.

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