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Our projects

  • Digitization
  • Circular Economy
  • Energy Services
  • Electric Vehicle Smart Charging
  • EV Charging
  • Autonomous Solutions
  • Building
  • Smart Energy Management
  • IOT
  • Big Data & AI
  • Smart Cities
  • Green Buildings
  • Green Buildings & Energy Efficiency
  • Big Data and AI
  • Digital Grids
  • Smart Buildings
  • Load Disaggregation
  • Energy Storage
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vessel
  • Modular Housing


Development of SME Digitalization for sustainability Evercomm is a sustainability tech company. It blends digitisation and technology to help energy-intensive industries to reduce consumption without sacrificing on production. It has gained reputation for making energy transitions efficient and cost-effective. Evercomm offers Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions that are driven by AI technology to create a […]

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Blue Ashva

To date, lead battery acids remain the first dominant system before lithium-ion in power and material handling as well as in the logistic sector with near 80% market share. By 2030, lead battery acids shall still remain the second dominant system in ESS and Off-Road Transportation besides lithium-ion. This means that for years, the lead-acid […]

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Cooling as a Service (CaaS)

GEnergy a local leading ESCO company aims to collaborate with NTU ECOLABS  COI to develop sustainable technologies to reduce the energy consumption of the residential households. The initiative is focused on reducing the annual carbon emission  per household and promote sustainable lifestyle. GEnergy will also collaborate with other partners for Carbon Validation and trading to […]

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Most buildings faces power supply limitation when they need to install EV chargers. Our product utilises shadow power which avoids the upgrade in power infrastructure and our solution overcomes the major overloading issue in almost all the known smart charging solutions. Under the Singapore Green Plan 2030 (SGP30), Singapore has announced a comprehensive Electric Vehicle […]

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NTU has developed a novel smart charging concept which utilises both software control via PWM defined by international standards, and power regulation for supply to a cluster of EVSEs. Using this concept, shadow power or excess power capacity in building is utilised for dynamic allocation of charging power to individual EVSE and not causing overloading […]

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Redux Energy

NTU EcoLabs COI will be developing load side controller for a 500kW containerized charging system to support the project together with Redux Energy To support the growing need for a new power systems, NTU ERIAN has been conducting extensive applied research in the field of advance power electronics and have successfully developed and prototype a […]

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Collaboration with EcoLabs to prototype Innovative Modular housing Solutions

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Pylon City Logo (flat)

Pylon City

Collaboration to establish gamification on energy consumption in a Singapore modular residential home EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for energy (NTU) is deploying systems to demonstrate low carbon living and this comprises a modular home with modular energy, water and waste systems. As part of the deployment, Pylon City and EcoLabs are engaging in a research […]

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482.Solutions Market Etnry Support in Singapore

Access to an effective ecosystem for growing, adoption and commercialization of Eclectrodo technology

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Arloid Test-Bedding Support in Singapore

Test-bedding support for AI Platform for HVAC optimisation in real time

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HiFi Engineering Test-Bedding Support in Singapore

Test-bedding support for high fidelity fiber optic sensor for linear assets

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Curium and EcoLabs are collaborating to develop the precursors enabling such self-calibration specifically for autonomous vehicles

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Allocate Space

Smart energy monitoring on various loads across Digital Twin Accelerator Lab via IoT system & Application development on Facility Management for Start-ups & SME’s Allocate Space aims to solve one of the biggest in-efficiency problem i.e., under-utilization of the assets in buildings at present.  Allocate space vision is to utilize technology in all spaces, thus […]

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Collaboration with EcoLabs and ERI@N to optimise a fast and safe deployment of AV systems to replace golf course maintenance equipment which includes golf ball pickers, grass and turf cutters and mowers, bunker sand raking and golf course sweepers.

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Install and test an artificial intelligence (AI) based automated energy management system (EMS) and smart load disaggregation technique for real-time optimal energy management for for EcoLabs Digital Twin Energy Efficiency lab (06-03) and at one select customer (C&I) test sites in Singapore Singapore based Intelligent Energy Management solutions provider Resync has partnered with Singapore’s Ecolabs […]

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Vflow Tech

Development of power convertor and intelligent energy management system for vanadium redox flow battery V-Flow Tech (VFT) is reinventing vanadium redox flow technology, with a vision to develop the cheapest and most scalable vanadium redox flow batteries in the world. VFT storage solution has an expected life span of 25 years and is proven to […]

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Research and development of digital platform for retail air-conditioning energy savings and enable cooling as service model

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Vinssen is currently developing 500kW capacity Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module for the commercial vessel as well as Ammonia fueled system. Vinssen has established the vast technology value chain capability in partnership with Hyundai motors for fuel cell, battery with Samsung SDI, electronic devices with Danfoss/ABB, and etc. Vinssen is world’s leading Maritime Hydrogen Fuel Cell […]

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The ground up initiative by Cha Project focuses on empowering a marginalised individual to build a Resilient Flatpack Modular kit which is customisable and easy to assemble, showcasing locally driven design and innovation.

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Co-Innovation Programs

Bureau Veritas Certification for Energy Innovation Solutions

Ecolabs and Bureau Veritas certifications for the energy innovation solution
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Market Expansion Program for High Commission of Canada to Singapore

Market expansion program for Canadian innovators in Energy Storage, Hydrogen Technologies as well as Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage
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Ara Ake and WITT - Low Carbon Technology Testbed Program

To facilitate the establishment of ‘real world’ technology demonstration sites for validating innovative low emissions technology at scale in New Zealand and Singapore
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Chrysalix Carbon Technology Translation Program

EcoLabs COI and Chrysalix Venture Capital is launching Technology Translation Program (TTP) to identify, incubate and showcase promising decarbonization technologies around the world including Singapore.
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NTU-Arrow Invent Lab for Electronic Technologies

A platform where startups and innovators can develop ideas, unleash creativity, and tap directly into Arrow's diverse, world-class resources: tools, engineers and problem-solvers who understand the landscape and can help in all areas from design to manufacturing, supply chain and accelerating time to market
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Envision Net Zero Start-up Challenge Program Support

In support of the Singapore Energy Transition, Envision Digital is collaborating with our its partners to launch the Net Zero Startup Challenge, to support the development of local energy companies and promote Singapore as a regional hub for market expansion and R&D
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OCBC, Mistletoe and Blue Ashva - Sustainability Innovation Program

EcoLabs, OCBC, Mistletoe and Blue Ashva are jointly launching a 3-year program to support SMEs/start-ups for translation and deployment of sustainability technologies with test clients. The Program shall focus on high technology readiness solutions from a wide range of sustainability-related topics such as Blue & Green Carbon, Circular Economy, Carbon Management, Digitalization, E-Mobility, Energy Efficiency […]
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Keppel Infrastructure Testbed for Cleantech Startups

Test-bedding program for renewable energy, energy storage solutions, energy efficiency, electro mobility and green hydrogen solutions
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Blue Ashva Market Entry to Singapore for Decarbonaization Startups

The EcoLabs-Blue Ashva Capital Decarbonization Programme seeks decarbonization startups willing to set up base in Singapore. Successful applications receive up to SGD$200K including start-up & project funding support towards decarbonization & circular economy.
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Continental Urban Mobility Accelerator

The EcoLabs-Continental Urban Mobility Accelerator (ECUMA) Programme is jointly established by EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy and Continental Automotive Singapore. It aims to build a pipeline of products and services that are co-created by startups, SMEs and our industry partner Continental. With project funding and startup support up to SG$125K, the selected startup will pilot their solution at one of our global testbed sites to validate the technology’s performance and suitability for scaling up.
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