True Digital Park

True Digital Park


Tags : RE Integration, Carbon Reduction, E-Mobility / EVs,AVs, Green Building & Energy Efficiency, IoT, Big Data and AI, Smart Cities.

  • Start : Feb 2020
  • Duration : 12 months

TDPK will work with NTU and Vertech Capital through the Centre of Innovation in Energy (EcoLabs) programme to provide True Digital Park’s office space as a living testbed. The testbed will enable pilots for innovative solutions related to green buildings, building management systems, RE integration, and energy efficiency.

Goal 1: Energy Efficiency & Electrical Utilization Optimization

New products or products under development for optimizing energy efficient and electrical equipment usage such as lightbulbs. Examples include energy efficient motion-sensor lightbulbs and other equipment with data logging systems or smart meters that can provide energy saving opportunities based on traffic data.

Goal 2: Carbon Reduction through Renewable Energy Integration

Examples of technologies and innovations that can conduct an analysis on the economic and life cycle advantages of different renewable energy technologies, install diverse renewable energy sources in the business park, and provide real-time insights on energy savings and carbon reduction through RE integration.

Goal 3: Carbon Reduction through Efficient Building and Temperature Control Systems

Companies offering smart building control systems includes smart thermostats, data logging systems remote monitoring of room temperature air conditioning services. Areas of interest includes digital solutions that can provide data on energy and HVAC system consumption, accurate temperature as a function of traffic and energy consumption of, per person per unit time.

Renewable Energy Integration
Green Building & Energy Efficiency
Carbon Reduction
  • TRL 6 & above
  • Should be scalable solution capable of demonstrating testing in real - life city design context
  • Who: Start-ups, Researchers, Innovators, Designers, Companies, Industries and others can join
  • Where: Bangkok, Thailand
  • At least 10 months program in Singapore, time period in Bangkok TBC | 1 Month Induction to Singapore Start-up Ecosystem
  • Co development space @ CT1
  • Access to community of entrepreneurs, innovators, architects, designers, scientist, industry experts, policy maker, & sustainability champions in Singapore and Thailand
  • Call for project collaborations
  • Direct project funding support from EcoLabs
  • EcoLabs COI in-kind funding support (Co-development labs, city testbeds and manpower)