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Sun Juan

Dr Sun Juan is one of the key founding members of EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy. She is currently leading proposals and energy storage at EcoLabs. She oversees the Centre’s proposals for start-ups’/SMEs’ funding applications from government agencies, as well as due diligence study, market research and technology roadmaps.

Dr Sun Juan has always been passionate about clean energy RD&D in Singapore. She is a certified Project Management Professional. She obtained her PhD under EDB’s Clean EnergyScholarship, specialising in thin-film solar cell. After gaining fruitful quality assurance and failure analysis experience from the manufacturing industry, she joined ERI@N to work on the technology transition from lab to commercialisation in the energy storage sector. She has also worked on the feasibility study, business plan, techno-economic study and due diligence study for ERI@N’s start-up and spin-off companies.