Digital Technologies for Energy Management - Driving the acceleration of permanent energy and emissions reductions.

At Teale, we’re focused on the need to reduce energy-related emissions from buildings and facilities. We provide our customers with the very best global technology and software tools, supported by experienced implementation and engineering services. With this combination, our clients can reach and exceed the required reduction targets, faster and more effectively.

We are now developing technology tools for addressing the barriers related to finding and developing viable efficiency projects. The objective being to accelerate emissions reductions by overcoming the known choke-points.

We currently deliver value to our clients and partners in three core areas:

ENERGY REDUCTION - We work closely with our customers to achieve energy related emissions and cost reductions faster and more permanent for any type of facility or system.

FACILITY PERFORMANCE - We deliver best-practice operations to create high-performance facilities - commercial or industrial. From improved equipment uptime and maintenance to greater occupant satisfaction.

COMPLIANCE - We provide the tools that improve the effectiveness and ease the pain in delivering compliance with local Green building codes or ISO 50001 energy standards.

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Founding Year : 2016

Founder : NA

Sector : IOT, Big Data and AI, Green Buildings & Energy Efficiency, Carbon Reduction

Area : Digital Technologies for Energy Management

Stage : Seed

TRL : Commercial Ready

Employee Size : 1 - 10

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