#StartingUpWith: TransferFi

In this edition of #StartingUpWith, we have Aashish Mehta, Co-founder and CEO of TransferFi and Dr Mohammad Reza Vedady, Co-founder and CTO of TransferFi. TransferFi aims to revolutionise power transmission with the world’s first wireless power network. Read on to find out how TransferFi is creating the next generation of power transmission.

  1. What is the story behind your startup?
    • TransferFi was started based on the founders’ wish to create technology that can help and revolutionise society. They believed that if it wasn’t going to impact the world in a big way, it wouldn’t be worthwhile to start a company. Co-founders Aashish and Dr Reza met through the Entrepreneur First program. On the very first day of meeting it was very clear to them that wireless power transfer could hugely impact more than one-seventh of the world’s population by providing power access to anyone, anywhere at any time.
  2. What was the biggest challenge faced by your startup, and how was it resolved?
    • As with all startups, obtaining initial funding to build a team and carry out R&D was challenging. We were fortunate to have investors who trusted us to develop the world’s first wireless power network. We were also fortunate to build a great team comprising visionaries working towards creating the next generation of power transmission.
  3. What was your startup’s proudest moment?
    • Our first milestone was being able to transfer power over 55 meters. Currently, TransferFi has far exceeded the performance of world leaders in far-field wireless power transfer, showcasing more than 100x efficiency improvement over competitors. This was featured in National Geographic’s documentary, City of the Future: Singapore.
  4. What is your collaboration with EcoLabs about?
    • We are honoured to be recognised as a Singapore-based energy startup supported by EcoLabs. EcoLabs has provided us with connections, testbed sites, as well as business and investor opportunities to help us successfully commercialise and scale our innovation efforts.
  5. Where do you see your startup in 1/2/3 years, and what part can EcoLabs play in this?
    • We see a world of distributed sources of energy untethered from cabling infrastructure, where anyone can have access to power from anywhere, anytime. We hope that TransferFi’s wireless power technology will enable long-range high-power transmissions in the future, bringing renewable energy to third-world countries without the use of cabling and costly infrastructure. We also hope to facilitate mass sensor deployments in smart cities and buildings to maximise energy efficiency and achieve a net-zero carbon footprint. EcoLabs will play an important role in connecting us to these projects.
  6. Describe your startup in one word, and why.
    • Future - This is the time after the present. We are threading the unknown and working towards what we believe is to be a better tomorrow.

Find out more about TransferFi here.