#StartingUpWith: Anzene

In this edition of #StartingUpWith, we have Joshua Chuah, Co-Founder and CEO of Anzene Pte Ltd. Anzene Is working on an energy platform for light electric mobility devices to solve charging and last-mile issues. Read on to find out how a visit to the florist sparked a business idea that can potentially catalyse the future of energy and mobility.

  1. What is the story behind your startup?
    • We are creating an energy platform for light electric mobility devices to solve charging and last-mile issues that are preventing the use of these devices.

      One of our co-founders once saw an electric wheelchair user charging her device at the florist as her wheelchair battery ran out of power. This got us thinking about how we can solve the problem of light electric mobility running out of juice with the use of green energy.

      In today's congested cities, light electric mobility is one of the solutions to pollution and congestion. If we can make a standardised battery that can power light electric mobility via our platform, it can potentially catalyse the future of energy and mobility for all, including the disabled community.
  2. What was the biggest challenge faced by your startup, and how was it resolved?
    • One of the bigger challenges we faced was the production of hardware. Hardware is required to go through many iterations, certifications and testing before we can get the various parts working together at a competitive price in a safe form factor.

      We overcame the production issue by pitching to get strong parts manufacturers and suppliers to support us and ensure that our battery can deliver power to various electric mobility devices.
  3. What was your startup’s proudest moment?
    • One of our proudest moments is the successful testing of our battery block powering 3 different types of electric mobility devices – a 24V e-scooter, 36V electric bicycle and 48V electric bicycle.
  4. What is your collaboration with EcoLabs about?
    • We are very fortunate to be working with EcoLabs to do pilot tests and build use cases around NTU and Singapore to improve electric mobility charging/swapping and usage. We are also exploring the integration of renewable energy to power urban cities.
  5. Where do you see your startup in 1/2/3 years, and what part can EcoLabs play in this?
    • In 1 year, Anzene will introduce the electric mobility energy platform with standard plug-and-play electric mobility charging and battery swapping, as well as charging stations for 3 or 4 types of different electric mobility vehicles powered by our software platform. With the help of EcoLabs, we will be able to link up with the right commercial partners for testing and expansion into other verticals like tiny homes and off-grid power.
  6. Describe your startup in one word, and why.
    • One word is tough! Here are two words - Powering Freedom.

      Having a safe, strong and standardised portable battery in common areas will ensure that no one will have to be constrained by the wall power plug again – everyone will be free to move around on their electric mobility devices or work on their laptops at cafes. Hence, Powering Freedom is our vision!