Coming Soon: Digital Twin Energy-Efficient Accelerator Lab

Apr 16, 2020

The EcoLabs’ Digital Twin Energy-Efficient Accelerator Lab, a program aimed at supporting early-stage startups in boosting growth and de-risking innovation efforts, will be launching in June/July this year. It will be committed to supporting energy entrepreneurs and startups to transform the Singapore energy market with next-generation technologies. With a heavy emphasis on mentorship and business development support for energy industry disruption, it aims to create a collaborative and creative ecosystem to encourage innovative ventures and schemes via a holistic platform. The Digital Twin Accelerator Lab will also facilitate cohort innovation programs in partnership with Global Spark Labs Ventures.

Additionally, The Accelerator Lab will boast exciting features, such as workspaces, exhibition and event spaces. Startups will be able to enjoy facilities such as hotdesks, and meeting and conference rooms. Startups can look forward to countless opportunities to showcase their products and services to potential clients and investors in this dedicated lab space.