MoU Signing with CSTID-MOHURD and China Association of Mayors (CAM)

Nov 07, 2019

The signing of two Memorandums of Understanding with China’s Center of Science and Technology and Industrialization Development, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (CSTID-MOHURD) and China Association of Mayors (CAM) was initiated in collaboration with NanRise, EcoLabs’ Channel Partner. This has effectively enabled us to extend our outreach beyond Singapore.

The MoU signed with CSTID-MOHURD will commit both countries to promoting international technological exchange, research, innovations, technology commercialisation, testbed applications, industrialisation as well as investment in sustainable green ecological city solutions through project collaborations.

The MoU Signed with China Association of Mayors (CAM) will enable the exchanging of valuable experience in smart urban solutions, technological innovations and implementation experience, and aim to accelerate the transformation of cities towards sustainable development.

NanRise is a spin-off consulting and investment advisory company from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, with specific focus on accelerating technological innovation commercialisation in sustainable urban development in the AIC region (ASEAN, India and Greater China). NanRise provides services to local and international clients in both public and private sectors in capacity building, technology commercialization and testbeds, consultancy advice, and planning and design of technology-driven urban development. Read More