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Krithika Krishnasayee

Krithika is an ESD researcher with a focus on Environmental Sustainable Design. She is in charge of providing Off-Grid and Sustainable solutions for various projects at EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy.

Krithika’s area of research is predominantly on providing innovative solutions using cutting-edge Technology, Design and Parametric Modelling. She applies an integrated thinking approach with sustainable practices to projects across Technical, Cultural and Socio-economic issues.

Krithika has over 7 years of Industrial and Research experience working in different roles such as Architect, ESD Architect and Research Associate. In her previous Architect roles, she was involved in Conceptual Designs, Working Drawings, Approval Drawings, Interior Design, 3d Modelling, Conceptual Master Planning, Designing, Energy Simulation, Client and Vendor interaction, On-Site Coordination, Monitoring, Execution and Business Development. Currently, as a Research Associate at EcoLabs, she works on Inter-disciplinary Research solutions on Innovative Technologies for Tropics in collaboration with Industrial partners.

Krithika has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from India and a Master’s degree in Integrated Sustainable Design from the National University of Singapore.