Mistletoe, the social impact collective, is supporting the Audacity movement by building the playground for innovators. It provides the creative space and intellectual freedom for young innovators to play, live, research, test, and prototype their most radical ideas. Mistletoe will work together with JTC, Ecolabs, ESG and IHLs to run seeding projects to validate hypotheses with committed leaders, launch startup / student programmes to feed innovations to the projects, re-engage with other JTC departments to sync up on programming and explore other potential testbed sites. Mistletoe may also invest and support some of the AUDACITY startups depending on their aligned contributions and fit.

  • Humanity centered design
  • Hypothesis driven activities validated by the various projects
  • Playground for the innovators

  • Access to Mistletoe community and mentors
  • Access to Research foundation
  • Ecolabs COI 70:30 Funding