Tags : sustainable design, IoT , big data and AI, e mobility EV.

  • Start: Dec 2019
  • Duration : 24 months

1923 will provide the carpark as a testbed for innovative solutions for e - mobility, IoT, Big Data & AI. etc.

Goal 1: EE Ambient Cooling Solutions

Review zoning of carpark and energy efficient ambient cooling solutions, aim to handle temperature and humidity sensitive products.

Goal 2: Productivity Improvement

To incorporate all the smart technology into carpark management system for seamless operation

  • Internet of Things ( IoT ), big data and AI
  • Automated Guided Vehicles

Goal 3: Vibrant

Review EV charging stations and alternative power supply from renewables for EV charging, aim to incorporate demand response, increase up time and battery life

Green Building & Energy Efficiency
IoT , Big Data and AI
E - Mobility
  • TRL 6 & above
  • Should be scalable solution capable of demonstrating testing in real life city design context
  • Start ups, Researchers, Innovators, Designers, Companies, Industries and others can join
  • Co-development labs @CT1
  • EcoLabs COI in kind funding support (Co development labs, city testbeds and manpower)
  • Ecolabs Enhanced Funding (70:30)